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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chef Rosa and the Cuisine Dream Team

I thought it was about time that I posted photos of the 15 people who cooked and served the delicious meal at my daughter's wedding. In case you did not read the post I put up recently about this wonderful group of people, I will reiterate.

There were 15 people from the Bible study that my husband teaches who volunteered to make and serve a sit-down meal for the wedding. This was such a display of God's goodness and love. It continues to amaze me! I am overflowing with gratitude. It was a labor of love that was precious and reminds me of the first miracle Jesus performed. He commanded the servants to fill the water pots with water and then turned the water into wine at the wedding in Cana. I felt like I was there at that wedding.

Rosa worked for weeks in advance to get everything organized. She and Mary, Agatha and Phyllis did the prep work for the Chicken Parmesan. On the day-of everything went so smoothly. This team was so well prepared. It amazed the guests. Everyone wanted to know who the wonderful caterers were. They served with such efficiency. But what was so glorifying to the Lord were the wide smiles and constant joy they displayed with every plate that was presented, every glass that was filled, and every slice of wedding cake that was served.

The Dream Team was a beautiful picture of the goodness and love of Christ. Christ still uses His servants, performing His wonders through them. He was present, and again turning the water into wine. I loved it and have never had such good food and cheerful service at any restaurant or event.

Here are some photos of Chef Rosa and her Cuisine Dream Team:

Mary (in white) and Shirley. What servants!
Agatha, ready and willing to do whatever needs doing.
Suqui (on left) and Marilyn. The smiles never stopped!
Les (on the left) and Joe were so professional, it seemed like they had done this all a hundred times before. No one could believe this team was serving for the first time ever.
And here are (from the left) Marv, Ben and Joann. Ben is Suqui and Marv's son. He surprised us when he showed up ready and willing to help. There were actually two people that came that we had not expected. Ben was one and Shirley, in the first photo was the other. Fifteen people, and they all had such fun!
Marlene is Les' wife. They had just returned from a much needed vacation in Hawaii. This was one of the first things that they did when they got back. I even got an email from Les and Marlene while they were vacationing, saying that they so looked forward to serving at the wedding.
And here is Chef Rosa herself. This precious servant of the Lord labored before, during and after the wedding, and only to glorify the Lord.
Here is Phyllis on the move, serving the groom's father. The team all served the guests from the right and picked up from the right. We had researched this aspect before the wedding. This was a well-oiled machine!
Bob, Rosa's husband, in the foreground, and Marv ready to roll!
More sweet smiles from Jann (left) and Marilyn - such servants!
Here is the crew, except for Les and Marlene , on a well-derserved dinner break. They even fed the disc jockey (in black shirt) and the photographer. From the front and counter clockwise: Marilyn, the disc jockey, Rosa, Agatha, Suqui, Shirley (standing), Ben, Jann (standing), Joann, Marv, Bob (Rosa's husband), Mary, Phyllis and Joe. It is my understanding that the photographer got a picture of all the workers together. I am so looking forward to seeing that one.

Thank you Rosa, Bob, Marv, Suqui, Ben, Mary, Joe, Phyllis, Jann, Marilyn, Les, Marlene, Agatha, Shirley and Joann! Your reward awaits you in heaven, but for now please know that you have ministered more than words can express to Robert and me, Bethany and Curtis and all the other folks you so graciously served at the wedding. Most of all, you served the Lord Jesus Christ.

Posted by Sharon Kaufman

Chef Rosa and the Cuisine Dream Team