Friday, February 15, 2008

Thy Slave and Not My Own

I have not loved Thee deeply, Lord
I am still too much my own.
I say, “Thy will be mine, O God",
But when duty calls, I groan.

To be real, sincere, devoted, Lord,
To Thee and Thee alone;
To be in deed, not merely words,
Thy slave, myself dethroned.

O Savior, Thou hast loved me so;
For me Thou didst atone.
Why do I pamper silken self?
King, have Thy rightful throne!

Help me, O God, to crucify,
No selfishness condone;
The King of Kings died for hell’s slaves
Such love must be made known.

So through me, O my God, I pray
May Thy sweet love be shown.
I long to love Thee deep, my King,
Thy slave and not my own.

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