Friday, January 30, 2009

Life - Imagine the Potential

This is a video that I received via email. The accompanying message read:
NBC television has rejected a pro-life advertisement which bought for a slot in the Super Bowl because the ad contains a pro-life message. The 30-second ad features ultrasound pictures from a baby in its mother’s womb. There is nothing either graphic or political and the word abortion is not even used. In fact, no words are spoken, only graphics that appear on-screen. Yet, the message is extremely powerful.
See for yourself.

A child conceived today in circumstances where the mother would face raising that child on her own, without the father (because of abandonment) - that child would be at high risk for aborion. Knowing this, it is interesting that President Obama supports abortion rights more aggressively than any other liberal president in our recent history.

Please remember to pray for President Obama, that he might personally see the implications of such an agenda, and that God would turn his heart to value all human life, especially that of such a fragile and unprotected segment of our society.
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