Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Safe At Shore

My husband, Robert has taught a midweek Bible study for many years. He recently assigned some extra reading - a small booklet written by C. H. Spurgeon entitled Around the Wicket Gate. What a great read - so encouraging and motivational.

I offer this excerpt from chapter two, Jesus Only:

Faith saves us because it makes us cling to Christ Jesus, and He is one with God, and thus brings us into connection with God.

I am told that, years ago, above the Falls of Niagara, a boat was upset, and two men were being carried down by the current, when persons on the shore managed to float a rope out to them, which was seized by both men.

One of the men held fast to it and was safely drawn to the bank; but the other, seeing a great log come floating by, unwisely let go of the rope, and clung to the great piece of timber, for it was the bigger thing of the two, and apparently better to cling to.

Alas! The timber, with the man on it, went right over the vast abyss, because there was no union between the wood and the shore. The size of the log was no benefit to him who grasped it; it needed a connection with the shore to produce safety.

So, when a man trusts to his works, or to his prayers, or alms givings, or to sacraments, or to anything of that sort, he will not be saved because there is no junction between him and God through Christ Jesus; but faith, though it may seem to be like a slender cord, is in the hand of the great God on the shore side; infinite power pulls in the connection line, and this draws the man from destruction. Oh, the blessedness of faith, because it unites us to God by the Savior, whom He has appointed, even Jesus Christ!
If this has encouraged you and you would like to order Around the Wicket Gate for yourself, go here to Chapel Library.
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