Sunday, August 22, 2010

His Choice

His Choice

Would I have chosen Him who died,
The One whom sinners crucified?
The One who gave His life to free
Insurgent, rebel, enemy?

My choice would ne’er have been for Him.
My sin is what I loved, so grim;
My sin that put Him on the tree.
A foe I was, a foe I’d be,
Had He not come to rescue me

I would have chose to scorn His Name,
To persecute, condemn and blame
The perfect Lamb, the Savior Dear,
Had not the Shepherd made me hear
His call to come and hasten near.

Like sinking ship, the waters swirled
Engulfed in sin that tossed and hurled;
I chose the doom and dark of night.
But from the rocks there shone a Light,
And Jesus drew me from my plight.

Oh! Love divine, all loves excelling,
Such grace that drew was all-compelling.
He opened eyes that would not see,
Awestruck, I fell and bowed my knee.
The choice was His, it was not mine
He freed me - I from sin resign.

Eternally I am His choice,
I’m kept by Him, and I rejoice!
For He has set me free to love,
Now I adore the Lord above
Who gave His life for my poor soul,
And was abased to make me whole.

Now that He has elected me,
And shown me grace beyond degree,
Oh, may I ne’er again caress
A minor treasure – all is less,
Less than the prize I find in Him,
Whose glory lights the seraphim.

So ask me now – I’ll ne’er refuse
The Savior Dear – it’s Him I choose.
I love this One who by design
Has called my name – I’m His, He’s mine!


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  1. This is beautiful, Sharon, and really spoke to my heart! Praise the Lord for the ability to write poetry that encourages and blesses others. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Simply beautiful Sharon!