Friday, September 17, 2010

Feminism and the Christian Woman

Concerning feminism's attempt to bring fulfillment and lasting happiness to women, Mary Kassian says it well in this video.

As a woman of more than sixty years now, I can remember (did I actually say that I can remember something?!) - yes, I remember - when the big push for feminism first made its case to women in the early 1970s. Even as woman who had not yet embraced Jesus Christ, I knew it was wrong.

Women began throwing off all restraints and boundaries -  bra burnings (bras were seen as an icon of restriction and conformity), bitterness toward men manifested outwardly, refusals to stay at home any longer with their children, resentment toward the traditional role of man leading and woman helping, a despising (that word is not at all too strong) of the menial work they did in the home (changing diapers, washing dishes, mopping floors), etc. This was an amazing time!

The only way I can explain the fact that I did not get caught up in this movement is the grace of God. He kept me from it. Later He saved me. But, the sad truth of the feminist movement is that most women, many of whom were my own college friends, were duped into believing something that was entirely false. They began to shape their worlds based on the lies of feminism. As a result, many women gave up marriage and/or motherhood or waited until it was too late to have children. Even some of the most outspoken feminists from that time have now issued statements about their own ruined, bereft lives and the insatiable longings for mothering that persist till this day - longings that can never be satisfied.

God created woman and gave her innate desires and gifts. The greatest of these inner longings is for Christ. Until she has a soul-deep relationship with Him, she will never find the fulfillment she yearns for in this life. When she does embrace Jesus, and when He, in His great compassion and love, becomes her Lord, rather than empowering a world gone crazy to have that authority over her, she will happily receive His gift of womanhood for her.

Enough from me. Watch this video. And here is a link to what I believe is the very best resource for Biblical womanhood on the internet - Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

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