Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mother's Day and Other Days

Though this poem really should have been posted for Mother's Day, I figure that for those of us who are mothers, we're mothers every day of the year and so we need encouragement every day of the year as well as on our special day in May.

I found this poem in a little book about mothers when Robert and I went away for our anniversary last December and stayed in a very nice vacation house located in the midst of grape vineyards and cow pastures. We had a wonderful time. Finding this poem was just one of the little jewels that made the trip so special.

The one thing that stands out to me about the author of this poem, is that he obviously had a mother who prayed for him.

Here is Mothers and Others by Amos R. Wells:
Mothers and Others

Others weary of the noise,
Mothers play with girls and boys.

Others scold because we fell,
Mothers "kiss and make it well".

Other work with patient will,
Mothers labor later still.

Others' love is more or less,
Mothers love with steadiness.

Others pardon, hating yet,
Mothers pardon and forget.

Others keep the ancient score,
Mothers never close the door.

Others grow incredulous,
Mothers still believe in us.

Others throw their faith away,
Mothers pray and pray and pray. 
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